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Axis Mutual Fund conveys an important message to ‘Healthily retire’


Axis Mutual Fund, one of the leading asset management companies, has launched a unique campaign – The Cookie Jar Experiment, to create awareness amongst the customers’ that while they are planning their transition to a happy retirement phase and fulfil those unfinished dreams, are they truly making adequate allocation to health related expenses?

“We all wish to lead a “happy retired” life. It is one thing to say that you want to be positive about the future. If that is true for you, then healthy aging should become a major part of our retirement plans and lifestyle,” says Mr. Karan Datta, Chief Business Officer – Axis Mutual Fund.

Our consumer survey has revealed that everyone has big plans for the post-retirement phase. Every person has a grand plan which covers those things which we perhaps cannot pursue in our working life. Some want to travel or pursue a long forgotten hobby or take care of grandchildren. It is about making ‘peaceful and happy retirement’ come true. However, one forgets that these goals and dreams can come to life only if they lead a healthy life. Over a period of time as one age, health starts deteriorating and even a small health issue can have an impact on the finances. Hence, one needs to not just plan for the “essentials” bucket which will pay for all the post-retirement dreams but also towards healthcare expenses which one needs to incur in future.

Basis this insight, Axis Mutual Fund came up with an interesting experiment wherein they asked people what do they picture themselves doing post-retirement, and gave them cookies that symbolises money to be filled in each of cookie jars which represented the investment to be made to fulfil their post-retirement dreams.

What followed was interesting – while the travel and hobbies jars were filled to the brim, the jar labelled ‘health’ was barely filled which unravelled an important truth – “People tend to ignore health and related expenses and focus only on their dreams when it comes to retirement planning”. Through this campaign, Axis MF aims to educate the customers that to lead a secure and stress free post retirement life, one need to start planning for both “dreams and health” which essentially means accumulate wealth which will take care of your dreams as well as healthcare expenses. And one can do so by adopting a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) route while planning their investment.

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