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GREY group India adds a Dash of Shararat in New Britannia Cake campaign


Who doesn’t love cakes? And when that cake is yummier than the usual fare, there seems to be a lot of competition around who gets to eat it. The starting point of this communication was to emphasize on the fact that Britannia Cakes are so tasty, one would go to any length to get their hands on it.

Conceptualised and executed by Grey group, Bangalore, this TVC from Britannia sees a father-son duo caught in the most important question of the hour: Who gets to eat the cake? Who deserves it more? We see the father narrate a fantastical tale where he is recounting an incident when the child was much younger. He claims that when the boy’s Britannia Cake pack was stolen by a monkey, he undertook great risks to bring it back to the child. That, according to the father, is a jolly good reason why the cake pack should be all his.

Just when we think that the child is convinced and the father has gotten away with his fibbing, we realise that the child is not as gullible as we had presumed him to be. After all, he is also his father’s son! With a sign off that reads, “Yummy waali shararat”, this spot nicely captures the mischievous relationship that we see between parents and children these days.

Vishal Ahluwalia, Vice President and Business Head, GREY group Bangalore said, “The challenge for GREY was to capture the magic between parents & kids through the lens of a delicious Britannia Cake and tell the story in a disruptive form. All credit must go to team Britannia who were bold enough to accept a new story telling format and believe in a film which was conceptualized on a wide fantastical canvas”.

“Britannia has positioned bar cakes as the perfect treat for kids, both in terms of health and delight. However, with this campaign we have refreshed the positioning to bring out the more universal appeal of cakes. With “Yummy Wali Shararat” we want to talk about how this category brings out the child in each of us. What better way to bring this to life than good humoured leg pulling between a father and a son”, said Manjunath Desai, Vice President Strategy & Business Development, Britannia Industries Limited.

The TVC has been released across 10 languages, nationally.

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