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On World Mosquito Day, A Dengue Mosquito Pokes People On Facebook

MediaInfoline August 21, 2017

On Sunday, 20th August, Facebook users received poke notifications from an unusual Facebook Profile. This unusual Facebook user was a Dengue Mosquito.

A closer look at the profile revealed that unlike a real mosquito whose poke can cause Dengue and many other diseases, this poke by the Dengue mosquito profile is a unique and interesting way to create awareness about World Mosquito Day, a unique Facebook initiative by Godrej.

Once Facebook users visited the profile of the Dengue Mosquito, they were made aware of the initiative to #HitDengueBack by registering as Platelet Donors. This innovative use of the Facebook “Poke” functionality is part of  the campaign created by OgilvyOne, Mumbai for Godrej Hit’s platelet donation drive.

About the Initiative:

Godrej Hit has partnered with Apollo Hospitals to build an online community of Platelet Donors to save lives of Critical Dengue Patients.

Why is Platelet Donation Important?

Dengue virus causes a sharp drop in the platelet count of the patient’s blood, triggering internal bleeding and other complications. If the platelet count drops below 20,000/, an urgent platelet transfusion is required. Ready availability of platelet donors becomes critical to save lives of dengue patients because unlike blood, platelets cannot be stored for more than 5 days. This lack of awareness about platelets and apathy towards platelet donation makes matters worse for dengue patients and hence the need to build a platelet donor community.

Poking People to register as Platelet Donors

Once a poked Facebook User, visits the profile of the Dengue Mosquito, all the necessary information about Dengue and Platelet Donation is revealed with the help of a series of posts that present the Dengue Mosquito’s Facebook Timeline.

Facebook users are also encouraged to register as Platelet Donors by visiting the Registration Page.

Were you also poked by the Dengue Mosquito on Facebook yesterday?

In case you missed it, recheck your Facebook notifications.

To know more about Hit’s Platelet Donation Drive Campaign, you can visit official Godrej Hit’s Facebook Page: Kill Pests. Kill Diseases.

Here’s the link:

To be a part of this initiative to #HitDengueBack, you can register as Platelet Donors here:


Sr. Creative Director – George Kovoor

Creative: Sunil Sharma, Rajesh Tewari and Vishal Bhandari

Account Management: Pooja Motwani, Jeffrey Saxena, Phillann Paul

Planning : Anirban Roy, Karthik Narayan


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