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Mullen Lintas Delhi makes Virat bat for Gionee’s 1.25crore customers


The past few months have been a roller-coaster ride for the Indian consumer, who has had to make some tough decisions where spends are concerned. While many consumers chose to curtail their spends on account of demonetisation, there were a few for whom it did not matter. This led to many brands still finding their way with consumers and making a splash in the Indian market.

One brand that has managed to make a good impact in the Indian market is smartphone player Gionee. Having flooded the Indian market with its unique offerings, and further getting celebrities to endorse them, Gionee has emerged as a favourite brand of Indians; and has done so in a very short span of time.

The smartphone brand has now achieved a new milestone where it has got 1.25 crore users using its products. To celebrate the feat, Gionee has announced the launch of a nationwide integrated campaign that has been conceptualized and executed by Mullen Lintas Delhi. The objective of this campaign is to announce this unique milestone and also let the consumers know about Gionee’s stature amongst its competitors.

To promote this milestone to the masses, Gionee has bought onboard Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. Known as the milestone man himself, it was an apt partnership between Virat Kohli and Gionee where together they are shown celebrating milestones in their own unique way. Given Gionee’s aggressive ambition to move towards market leadership, this is a well-timed association as Virat Kohli perfectly mirrors what the brand is aiming to achieve.

Commenting on the initiative, Nomit Joshi, Marketing Head, Gionee said, “Gionee has reached a milestone with 1.25 crore patron base in India and the Indian cricket skipper who is creating new milestones and records was roped in as the brand ambassador. The Captain’s arrival on-board allowed us to highlight our milestone and also the partnership was mutual.”

Sharing his outlook on the association, Shriram Iyer, National Creative Head, Mullen Lintas said: “Gionee and Virat Kohli – both ambitious, both hard working and currently both are on an exciting trajectory in their own respective fields. We believe it’s a perfect match to begin a great partnership.”

Adding his views, Syed Amjad Ali, Executive Director, Mullen Lintas Delhi says: “The campaign is aimed to make a big announcement. At the same, getting Virat Kohli on board illustrates Gionee’s leadership ambition. He is clearly a role model today and inspires millions of people. It’s one of the finest partnership in the recent times. To begin with, this campaign announces Gionee’s achievement of getting 1.25 crore smartphone users. There are many more lined up and will be unveiled soon.”

Mullen Lintas Delhi has designed the campaign to leverage the uniqueness of the content. The campaign has begun with an aggressive burst on OOH media nationally and will be followed by print, digital and radio too.

Team credits:

Nomit Joshi Mullen
Shriram Iyer Syed Amjad Ali Ekta Relan
Arshi Ansari   Sarabjit Singh Sirish Gudibande  
Juhi Chaudhary   Prasad Venkatraman Hemant Kapoor  
    Viduthalai Raj Marudachalam    
    Arvind Murali    

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