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Asian Paints & St+art Foundation launch unique typographic installation


With the strong belief that art has the ability to inspire people, Asian Paints in association with St+art Foundation has come together to create a unique installation, a symbol to represent the city of Mumbai. The typographical installation aptly saying “लव Mumbai” (Love Mumbai) symbolically expresses the deepest feelings and thoughts of the people of Mumbai who love and a strong rooted connection for this city. This unique installation was unveiled at the prestigious annual Kala Ghoda cultural festival.

The art installation “लव Mumbai” incorporates the ‘heart’, the universal symbol of love, into Devanagari script. Instead of the latin script, the transliteration of love (लव) in Devanagari adds a multi-lingual, fun aspect which imbibes elements from our hinglish speaking generation and popular culture. From the roadside Romeo to Milton Glaser (the designer of ‘I heart NY’ logo), all use the heart symbol to represent love. This powerful icon cuts across all demographics and language barriers. The dimension of “लव Mumbai” installation stands at 20ft in length, 7ft in height and 1.5ft in depth.

With support from ‘Humans of Bombay’ and ‘Terribly Tiny Tales’ Asian Paints and St+art encourage the citizens of Mumbai to participate online to make this installation a permanent structure in Mumbai. All they have to do is click a picture with the installation and post it on their social media pages using hash tags- #LoveMumbai #AsianPaints #StreetArt.

At the onset of Kalaghoda Festival, Mr. Amit Syngle, President Asian Paints said,Art has the intrinsic ability to move people and lift their moods, spirits and lives. For this very reason, we are working to bringing art closer to public and trying to make it a part of their daily lives. Last year we created wall art on Rhythm House and this year we aim to do so with the unique typographical installation ‘लव Mumbai’ which is sure to resonate deeply with the people of the city”.   

Hanif Kureshi CoFounder,St+Art added “We wanted to create an iconic symbol, something Indian yet speaking the global language of design and art, capturing the essence of all that is Mumbai. This typography sculpture is a great way to celebrate the city. We hope that eventually ‘Love Mumbai’ will become the symbol of the city.”

This public installation is devised as a structure that stands for the loving city Mumbai is and all that it receives from its citizens. Asian Paints encourages all to interact with this installation and love it the way they want. Love Mumbai and Mumbai will always love you back.


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