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​​ Encouraging healthy living & fitness at the workplace, NoBroker celebrates ‘Healthify Week’

Team_NoBroker, one of the leading players in India’s online real estate market, is celebrating ‘Healthify Week’ at its office to encourage its employees to lead a healthier lifestyle. The event included a host of different fitness activities and seminars on healthy living.

The week kicked off with a Zumba flash mob in association with Cult – a fitness centre. is giving INR 1500 off on the 3 Months membership with Cult in order to motivate its employees to lead an active lifestyle. Other subsequent activities in the ‘Healthify Week’ include: ‘Red Ribbon Day’, to generate awareness around Drug usage; Nutritionist Talk by Dr Sangeetha (Jeevika Multi-Speciality Hospital) to develop healthy eating plan for employees; and free diet consultation by Anjali Mukerjee (Health Total), where employees can avail 50% off on available plan.

Commenting on the week-long event, Amit Kumar Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder, said, “At NoBroker, we always strive to create an open and healthy atmosphere at our workplace that benefits the overall well-being of each employee. We are aware that day-to-day work and constant pressure to meet deadlines can take its toll on an individual, leading them to become tired and under-productive in the long run. Thus, with ‘Heathify Week’, we aim to promote a healthier lifestyle at the workplace, enabling employees to enjoy different activities, and in the process, improve their fitness and alleviate their stress.”

According to a survey conducted by ASSOCHAM, more than 45.5 percent of India’s working age population suffers from depression or general anxiety due to various factors like demanding schedules, high-demanding job roles, etc. The report further stated that up to 60-65% of corporate executives in the country suffer from stress-related lifestyle diseases like daytime fatigue, physical discomfort, psychological stress, and performance deterioration, all contributing to decline in overall productivity. Thus, in an effort to alleviate such issues, NoBroker has come up with the ‘Healthify Week’.

Among the various activities included in the initiative, NoBroker is also introducing Folk Fitness Class, a revolutionary choreographed group workout routine blended with a tinge of ethnicity that celebrates the zest of traditional India. It is an ideal fusion of cultural gems from all parts of the country combined with the science of Fitness Management to attain holistic fitness of body, mind and soul.

The Folk Fitness routine is scientifically tested and copyrighted. It is a unique cardiovascular, full-body strength, endurance, and agility exercise program designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels. Being firmly rooted in India’s rich culture of folk dance, Folk Fitness stands apart from all other fitness programs. By introducing this routine as part of its ‘Healthify Week’ at the workplace, NoBroker is setting new standards for employee fitness activities in the country.

The ‘Healthify Week’ commenced on (20th March 2017), and concluded​ on (24th March 2017).

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