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“NIESBUD to be the nodal organisation for entrepreneurship in skill development” – Rajiv Pratap Rudy


Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (Independent Charge) today steered the 32nd government council and 1st special meeting of Society of NEISBUD (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) with more than 50 partner institutions attending the meeting from across the country. The meeting with the society was held for the first time under the guidance of MSDE and after a duration of almost 10 years. The last meeting has happened in the year 2006.

The meeting saw the Council consider and approve the Changes in Memorandum and Rules of the Institute and the budget estimates for 2016-17. The purpose was to bring all the stakeholders together to formulate an effective strategy for making entrepreneurship a mass movement so as to also cover the neglected and downtrodden sections of the society for ensuring “inclusive growth”.

NIESBUD was earlier under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises but as part of convergence and coordination of all skill initiatives in the country, it was recently transferred and is under the administrative control of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

Addressing the society and the governing council, Shri Rudy stated, “NIESBUD will serve as a nodal body to ensure entrepreneurial education and it is crucial for us to bring about coherence in what it does and offers. Skill trainings are already being taken care of under the current skill ecosystem but there is a dire need for us to promote upcoming young entrepreneurs. Schemes like Udyamita and Umang will help achieve the desired goal for the institute.”

NIESBUD, over the last one year, has conducted a total of 16501 programmes which has benefited close to 4.17 lakh youth. This includes 10 international training programmes covering 152 international participants which is being conducted in conjunction with the Ministry of External Affairs.

‘We will ensure that assets of NEISBUD are also used in trainings conducted by NSDC and through ITIs. There has to be an element on entrepreneurship that has to be made mandatory in every training conducted through NSDC, ITIs or under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and it has to be in the beginning of the course so that the youth can make his/her mind set towards becoming an entrepreneur with the help of the skill set he/she is learning,” the Minister further added.

Commenting on the way forward, Shri Rohit Nandan, Secretary, MSDE and Chairman of the Governing Council said, “The mandate of the Ministry is to prompt youth to take up entrepreneurship as a career option through entrepreneurial education and then to provide end-to-end solutions so as to ensure that the assisted person is ready to take the “plunge” and is in a position to set-up the conceived economic venture in an efficient manner. MSDE will also ensure trainers which will help in imparting financial literacy so that people know how to plan financials for their entrepreneurial venture. There are already “mudra champions” who conduct similar trainings in the ecosystem.”

Shri Rudy added, “It has also been brought to our notice that it is usually a problem to secure linkages with the banks for many, who want to set up their own entrepreneurial ventures. This is usually because they are unable to appropriately prepare the application to the bank. In this view, we will ensure that local NSDC training partners will help these youth in the process of applying to the bank for funding their venture. The RPL certificates will also be a substantial help in building the credibility of the person in front of the bank.”

The members shared their ideas, a few success cases from across the country and the kind of work done so far. They desired a direction from the Ministry which will help them streamline their work to the larger national agenda on skill development and entrepreneurship.

Recent developments that have been made to the institute after it has been brought under MSDE are:

  • Entrepreneurship Development Management System instituted on December 2015 : 44,500 registered, Monitoring through web based database
  • — EM-1 registration of 10,855 persons till 15.03.2016
  • — Putting in place a Mentor Support Network – DeAsra Foundation; Pune for extending Mentoring/ Hand-holding Support.
  • — Setting-up of micro-enterprises for 34 inmates of Women Rehabilitation Center, Dehradun and providing market linkages to them.
  • — Sanction/disbursal of the loans to 126 prospective entrepreneurs under MUDRA done; 679 loans disbursed in various forms.

There are also collaborations that have been seen in this space over recent times with state and corporate entities.

Earlier, welcoming the Members to the Meeting, Ms. Jyotsna Sitling, Joint Secretary, SDE and Director General, NIESBUD, elucidated that Media Campaigns, Mentor Network, Business Development Services and introduction of Entrepreneurship Modules in Skill Training Programmes are going to be the focus areas of the activities of the Institute after coming over to the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship last year.

The basic objective of NIESBUD is promotion and development of micro, small and medium enterprises including enhancement of their competitiveness through different interventions. NIESBUD has been undertaking activities like training, management development programmes, entrepreneurship-cum-skill development programmes, and cluster intervention. Majority of the Members of NIESBUD Society are educational organisations working in different parts of the country well versed with ground realities and aware of the strategies which will prove effective in the ultimate analysis for spreading entrepreneurship among the masses.

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