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#RaiseYourHand- A Fight Against Child Labour


One out of every eleventh kid in India is forced into labour. The figures estimate about 10.13 million children aged between 5-14 years working as child labourers. From domestic households, busy traffic signals to hazardous industries, child labour is deeply rooted both in and around our lives.

The team of AurDikhao in association with CRY foundation has come up with a thought provoking message on the occasion of 12th June being known as World Against Child Labour Day.It is an initiative to make the viewer aware of the child labour happening around them and how unknowingly we fail to notice. It talks about those hands that deserve to explore world with education and opportunities. With this launch, the CRY and AurDikhao team aims to create a change in perception towards how we look at the issue of child labour.

“On the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour, we want the nation to come together in the fight against child labour. This film has aptly captured the power that each of us holds in bringing change to the lives of these children and helping them get access to the opportunities they deserve.”  Says Alankrita Khera, Head of Communications at CRY.

Here’s where you can watch the film.

A special thanks to the veteran international actor Anupam Kher for lending his voice to help us tell the story more effectively.

Link to the video-

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