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Shaan’s melodious voice and Asia’s best speed painter’s magic come alive for Eye Donation


The second largest population in the world is also home to the largest blind population globally. There’s no sacrifice required to bring the number down drastically, to cure this disability for someone and provide them with what they are deprived of, but just a promise to give something we won’t need anymore.

We aim to sensitize and raise awareness about the difference one can make by pledging to donate our eyes after our life ends.

The video gives the message in a cryptic fashion as the artist paints a picture emblematically depicting a blind mother finally getting to see her child for the first time with her newly found vision wherein Shaan adds to the magic with his voice.

As part of our Public Service Campaign, AurDikhao, a digital media channel in association with Dr Aneel Murarka – promoter’s of Ample Missiion Events Entertainment and more LLP have developed a full-fledged video campaign, supported by celebrated singer Shaan, renowned artist Vilas Naik and veteran director Farah Khan called#EYEDO

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#EyeDO Link:

AurDikhao’s and Ample Missiion’s previously launched video ‘#DontLetHerGo’ on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan featuring the reigning Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranautas Goddess Lakshmi and the Shehnshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan got an endorsement from our Honorable PM Narendra Modi.

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Prior to that for an initiative towards anti-smoking, AurDikhao came up with ‘11 Minutes’ featuring Sunny Leone, AlokNath and Deepak Dobriyal. The film bagged an organic 4 million views in just 4 days and received appreciation from across the industry.

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The concept of eye donation in India is still under nascent stage. There is something we all can genuinely contribute towards making world a better place. It is with this mission we set out to convey the message in an unconventional yet appealing way. Special thanks to the topmost artists, Dearest Shaan and Vilas Nayak for associating in our endeavour. I sincerely wish more and more people are forthcoming and pledge to donate their eyes to those who deserve to see this beautiful world.”

– Aneel Murarka, noted philanthropist and founder of Ample Mission Foundation


A special thanks to Facebook India for sharing best practices that will help the campaign videos utilize the respective talent communities on Facebook more effectively through a new feature called ‘Crossposted videos’.

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Bollywood :  Shaan & Farah Khan

Artist :Vilas Naik

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