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Ahirnis- Exhibition of Textiles and Landscapes

MediaInfoline June 13, 2018

After a glorious run of 7 days of Ahirnis an exhibition of textiles and landscapes. ‘Ahirnis’ paintings were ceaseless, in continuity, sometimes in the mind of the Artist and sometimes the viewer. What is all around us and still go unnoticed? A subtleness of nature and life, this is an exhibition of the ceaseless beauty of life, an Ahirnis.
As per artist Harmandeep “landscapes are almost realistic but done on abstract realism, capturing the mood, the atmosphere (ambience) and the flow of the moment of his ‘pleinair’ paintings. I don’t paint objects in the landscapes, I paint the air, the light, and the feelings. The sound of silence of the evening light and the morning glow”.

On the other hand artist Shraddha uses her experience from years of working with textiles to stitch emotions of sublime pleasure with trees, birds and compositions that invite the viewer into a sense of peaceful bliss. According to Shraddha “My works are about lines, lines which I see everywhere in different manner. In this exhibition, sparrows were in my mind, not seen in Delhi anymore I miss their movement and their innocence, capturing that into my paintings forever”.


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