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The Monologues of a Major


This Christmas, theatre aficionados of the city are in for a treat for aseries of brief monologues titled The “Major” Actor’s Assorted Monologues’ produced by Saif Hyder Hasan Creations and recited and enacted by a former Major of the Indian Army and theatre enthusiast- Major Mohommed Ali Shah, on 25th December, 6 PM at Epicenter at Apparel House, Gurgram .

An IIM graduate, Major Mohommed Ali Shah holds your attention for an hour while he enacts the speech of popular playwright  Mohan Rakesh’s most popular play ‘Aadhe adhure’ in Hindi, the story of Odipus and Rex, an ancient Greek tragedy in chaste Urdu, followed by a complicating and a hilarious piece in English where he explains how he becomes his own grandfather.

There will also be a few speeches from the greatest play wright in the world, William Shakespeare’s popular plays such as ‘Julius Caesar’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice’, Mirza Ghalib’s letters, a nazm by popular poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz apart from other monologues and couplets which will grip you and make you hold on to your seats.

All in all, ‘The “Major” Actor’s Assorted Monologues’is an intellectually stimulating production which encompasses English, Hindi and Urdu readings from the greatest playwrights ever. Its producer Saif Hyder Hasan who has previously produced and directed super hit plays such as  Gardish Mein Taare, E kMulakaat and Mr. and Mrs. Murarilal says, “The play has already been staged in Mumbai and Kuwait and received an exceptional response from the audience. Get ready for a complete one man show, with no frills, just the art of storytelling and a voice and modulation that has the capacity to mesmerize all.

Booking Details: Tickets priced from Rs 200-Rs 500

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