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Usha sewing machines to be a part of Artist N.S. Harsha’s art installation at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo presents artist N.S. Harsha’s mid-career retrospective exhibition, “Charming Journey” where a grand scale art installation ‘Nations’ with 193 Usha sewing machines would be showcased. These sewing machines would be overlaid with calico painted flags signifying the countries that make up the United Nations.

This exhibition will start on February 4th, 2017 and will encompass Harsha’s major work since 1995 and will explore themes running consistently through his practice.

Commenting on the association with Usha, Artist N. S. Harsha says, “Usha’s support came in as binding energy to sew two edges of creative process; ‘imagination’ and ‘realization’. I am very thankful and deeply touched by their generosity and enthusiasm towards an ‘art project’’.”

All the 193 Usha sewing machines in the Nations are connected by different coloured threads. The artist creates a vision of a world divided by flags and socio-cultural and economic lines. It raises issues of labour outsourcing, migration and the forces of global markets. The use of cloth recalls the pivotal role of clothing in the national struggle for Independence of India.

N.S. Harsha has exhibited internationally, and works in a range of media including paintings and installations. He combines details of cultural traditions in his native India with subjects in the news to reflect the shifting world. His work draws attention to the whimsical as well as to the tragic entanglement of life.

The Mori Art Museum is a center of contemporary Japanese and Asian art that presents Asian art trends in a global context with profound expertise concerning specific cultural systems and structures. The intention of the Mori Art Museum’s continuing “Art + Life” principle is to realize an enriched society where art relates to all aspects of life.

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