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Cello – ‘Only With Marky’

It is a huge challenge for the stationery sector to gleam in today’s competitive marketing industry and the constant introduction of new products makes it tougher for one to stand out. The marker segment is even harder to penetrate, especially on digital as this product is conventionally perceived as an instrument to be used on paper for official use only, when actually there is a lot more one can do with a permanent marker. This is where Marky comes in, it helps unlock creativity, taking the product beyond paper! Hence, awareness and education about usage of the product is a crucial part of Cello’s digital communication. The brand’s digital presence also looks at a unique educating approach to ensure the consumers understand the product’s versatility in an interesting manner.

Keeping all of the above in mind, Cello has decided to go big on digital through the campaign Only With Marky! Recommendation is a very popular and valuable tool of Marketing. Influencer Outreach is the Digital trend in 2017. With the help of Digital Creative Agency FoxyMoron, the brand has reached out to artists, food enthusiasts, fashion as well as beauty bloggers with Cello Marky hampers. These hampers included a Marky box with 3-4 objects made of different materials, and of course some Markys. They all successfully created lovely masterpieces out of everyday objects with the Marky pens. The brand also collaborated with artist Pranita Kocharekar  for their #30DaysOfMarky campaign. She made 30 amazing artworks using everyday objects and transforming them into unique pieces of art with the Cello Marky.  Click here to check out some creative examples.

A simple concept (days of the month) was taken and amplified to highlight the various uses of the product. In doing so, Cello successfully communicated that a Marky is not just a marker! Anyone can effortlessly use it in a versatile manner, adding fun and colour to their everyday objects, creatively transforming anything into a piece of art.

Commenting on this, Devin Kewlani – National Creative Director, FoxyMoron said, “This was a great piece of collaborative work. We managed to create something new for each day of the month, transforming various different objects. We even involved the fans by asking them to go out and customise their own world. The reason we chose to do it this way was to highlight the ease and fun in using Markys, which can effortlessly be utilised on anything & everything.

Additionally, nobody believes just a brand nowadays, they have to be awed by the work, which we succeed in doing with this campaign. You need to see how it’s turned out. Uff!  We could do this for a year if asked to and I hope we are! (@Cello)”
We collaborated with artist Pranita Kocharekar who artistically drew numbers of the month through May, on various objects with Marky. This art has transformed the way people look at the Cello Marky by taking everyday objects and transforming them creatively with the Marky collection. Not only did the concept focus on 30 days of the month, but also emphasized on topical content. For instance, Mother’s Day and Cricket themes (IPL Season) were explored artistically through the campaign as well.  Thus, overcoming the brand’s challenge of conveying product attributes to their audience in an interesting and unique manner.

“The permanent marking segment in India has been restricted to office and industrial use, with standard ink colours. However, we have seen global markets in this segments undergo a massive change, where permanent markers are extensively used in home and in schools for various purposes, creative or practical. In India, Cello Marky intends to transform this segment and expand the usage pattern of a markers, utilising the advantage of permanent marking across surfaces. We want people to use Cello Marky and creatively express themselves beyond paper and cartons. The Idea is to ‘transform boring objects’ and the campaign execution idea is aimed towards that. The campaign aims to showcase the usage of Cello Marky in day-to-day life by transforming mundane objects into desirable mediums of personal expression.” said Vikram Jain, Product Manager, Cello Pens (BIC Group of companies)

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