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Del Monte – Social Media Campaign – #canit #ExploreTheUnknown

Del Monte’s #DontbeaSucker campaign stands out amongst other juice drinks available in the market. Represented by hashtag #DontBeaSucker #CanIt, the campaign draws attention of people towards Del Monte’s juices which are available in cans unlike tetra packs and are safe and healthy option.

Del Monte has come up with an innovative and creative social media campaign which clearly depicts the brands stand on quality and diverse range it offers. This is a message for people to explore the different flavors which go beyond the regular mango and apple juice options. It also sends out a very clear message that a canned packing is any day more hygienic and durable than a tetra pack.

While brands like Frooti and Slice are still clamoring for no1 position, using the age old marketing gimmicks like roping in famous celebrities to promote their brand, Del Monte has evolved and come out with this all new and innovative campaign on social media. This campaign takes a cheeky dig at its contenders while it spreads the message of being a brand with a difference.

The Campaign

In a country like India where people fall prey to popular opinion, follow others mindlessly and are easily influenced into doing what others are doing, it’s time we take a stand and make a difference.

Where career choices are defined by families and being a Doctor, Engineer or an MBA becomes the preferred path to success or people blindly follow a Baba only because their ‘Panipat Waali Maasi’ does, to choosing what juice would you like to drink?  Same boring mango or a peach coolada?

Del Monte has created a stir by choosing to be different and has also taken a subtle dig at all the suckers (followers). It has sent out a message by doing away with the regular strategies and doing something innovative and meaningful. With quirky posts on Twitter and Facebook, the campaign has triggered thousands of conversations already. People have come out in big numbers including celebrities and have endorsed Del Monte for being unconventional and uncustomary.

Being the pioneers in canned juices category, Del Monte through this campaign is building a direct connect with the people to understand their choice and preferences and also their juice consumption pattern. This has been interestingly depicted with people who do what others do, sucking on to their mango drink viz a viz people who are informed and conscious buyers drinking from the can.

The brand has reached out to nearly 3+ million people in Delhi / NCR through this campaign and has already created quite a noise around this. Del Monte has also roped in the very famous and the Twitter savvy ‘Baba Sehgal’, who is all set to release his own anthem on YouTube for Del Monte juices. Using His whimsical posts and satirical way of expressing, the father of rap is all set to create a rage on YouTube around this campaign.

Del Monte which deals in exotic flavored juices is also taking a dig at the run of the mill mango and orange flavored juices which are normally bought by the consumers just for the sake of having juice. Del Monte’s new and unique flavors and packaging emerges to be the ultimate hero here that stand outs and steals the show.

Link to Del Monte’s Twitter Handle

Link to YouTube video – Del Monte feat. Baba Sehgal #DontBeASucker

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