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Doosri bar Didi ka sarkar On Panchayat Aaj Tak


Terming the challenge posed by the Congress-CPI(M) as ‘T-shirt’ poll
alliance, Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’Brien on Wednesday said
Mamata Banerjee will return as chief minister of the Eastern state as
Didi’s sarkar will see second innings on the back of ‘comfortable’

Speaking at Aaj Tak’s Panchayat – Paschim Bengal event, O’Brien
claimed that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has failed to understand
‘Bengal’ while stating that the nondescript Suryakanta Mishra, the
chief ministerial face of the Congress-CPI(M) alliance will ‘200%’
lose his seat at Narayangarh in West Midnapore district. “If he
doesn’t lose, I will shave my head,” O’Brien quipped, sending the
audience into peals of laughter.

“There are 3 alternatives in these polls but Didi is the only leader
in Bengal. If you are talking about communal harmony, Bengal is the
place to be. When you cannot hold Ghulam Ali concert or India-Pakistan
match anywhere in India, you come to Bengal. Industrialists like
Mukesh Ambani and Yogi Deveshwar have talked about the state is the
best to be. These businessmen mean business, they have not come here
to play ludo,” O’Brien said in an interactive session with India Today
Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal.

Tearing into the Congress-CPI(M) alliance, he said: “This is a T-shirt
and pajama alliance. You change T-shirt and pajamas every day. These
two parties change their ways every single day. Kerala mein kushti and
Bengal mein dosti? Everybody can see what they are up to.”

Talking about the pre-poll controversial Narada sting that purportedly
caught some TMC leaders taking bribe, O’Brien said: “We are conducting
an internal enquiry on it. There could be external factors also…it
is a sub judice matter. Let the court do its job. It is not right for
me to comment on the matter.”

“There is a perception problem. We have to address this issue that is
plaguing TMC and Bengal. Didi has delivered clean governance. For four
and half years, we have given development or vikas. Look at Kolkata
and outside of the city, there is development. An atmosphere of
political blackmailing has been created. People will deliver their
verdict on May 19,” O’Brien said.

On the controversial issue of ‘syndicate’, the TMC leader said: “Didi
herself has talked about how we don’t support any syndicates. But a
perception is there. Corruption is a national issue and not a
Trinamool Congress matter only but something that all parties, BJP and
Congress, should talk about.”

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