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Jugnoo announces Friendship Day campaign #Dostikahaath

In a bid to reinstall a sense of worth among st auto-rickshaw drivers across the country, Jugnoo announces a compassionate campaign #Dostikahaath, this Friendship Day. As a part of this campaign, Jugnoo urges all its patrons to extend a friendly hand to their friends behind the wheels and help them come back feeling respected. Marking the arrival of Friendship Day, Jugnoo has also launched a video, illustrating their emotional sufferings at the hands of some daily commuters, intentionally or unintentionally. The video also brings to the fore, the life stories of various drivers and their unfulfilled aspirations, helping masses to understand their lives better.

Commenting on the campaign, Samar Singla, Founder and CEO Jugnoo said, Auto drivers in our country are mostly mistreated, led by our negative preconceived notions. The idea behind this campaign is to debunk such prejudices and bring to the fore, the hind side of the story; to highlight the lesser known plights of the auto drivers in our country. Their income is not fixed, their working hours are crushing, they have no support system and are always struggling to spend time with their families. Having said that, the least we, along with our patrons can do is, to let them have their share of self-respect amidst all their sufferings. This is a campaign aimed at fulfilling the same.”

Treading on these line-of-thoughts, Jugnoo urges its patrons to share the video and spread the word or tweet and comment touching experiences with auto drivers using #Dostikahaath. It also appeals the masses to extend a hand of friendship next time they take a ride.

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