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Lenskart introduces ThinOptics, flexible reading glasses which can fit on your phone


Are you one of those who can never find your reading glasses in the time of need? If yes, Lenskart, India’s fastest growing eyewear company has the perfect solution for you. A revolutionary and widely successful product from USA called Thinoptics makes your ‘blur life’ clearly visible again! With ultra-thin case; roughly the size of two credit cards, they fit on your phone, in your pocket, purse and almost everywhere.

With exclusive rights of Thinoptics in India, Lenskart solves the problem of thousands of people who would constantly say “Where are my glasses”. The superthin, extra flexible glasses come with a 30-day fit guarantee and lifetime replacement guarantee. The one size fits all product is reasonably priced at INR 999 and is available in the power of +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.

ThinOptics glasses are made of flex-grip technology which creates comfort and stability for readers and enables them to flex open and grip any nose up high or down low. These are patented shatter proof lenses which are produced from thermo-injection molded optical grade poly-carbonate and weigh less than a nickel. ThinOptics spent more than two and a half years and developed more than 200 prototypes to insure that the product worked perfectly before launching it.

Despite being thin and lightweight, ThinOptics are extremely durable.  They have been tested to withstand thousands of severe bends without breaking!

Commenting on this development, Peyush Bansal, Founder and CEO, Lenskart said,” Reading glass is not something you need all the time but when you need them, they are just so difficult to find!At Lenskart, we always believe in pushing the limit and solving the predicament of people who require vision correction. Designed especially for people who tend to lose their pair more often, ThinOptics has been modulated to be flexible and featherweight. Offering ease and flexibility while being affordable, consumers can keep their glasses in pockets or purses and not worry about misplacing them. We are confident that ThinOptics with its unique features will strike the right cord with our customers and make their life simpler.”

Getting a reader in a smart phone case is innovation at its best! Now you can read everything from shopping lists to your phone, business magazines or labels without digging through your bag or turning the house upside down looking for it everywhere!

The product is presently available in black and white colour. It can be browsed on

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