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Make in India brand campaigners launch Motherland Joint Ventures


The people behind India’s best-loved brands have launched a new venture. Motherland Joint Ventures Pvt. Ltd. will operate in lifestyle-related product categories including consumer products and urban regeneration projects (the first of which is underway in Jodhpur). In a natural extension of its main brand, Motherland will also be involved in culture-related projects such as publishing, film, art and music.

Between them, Motherland’s founders represent an unprecedented mix of business acumen and branding expertise: V. Sunil and Mohit Dhar Jayal are the team that helped build India’s most successful global brands, including Royal Enfield, Incredible !ndia and Make in India; Rahul Bhatia holds leadership positions in several companies in the travel and hospitality industry such as InterGlobe Enterprises, and is also a Promoter of InterGlobe Aviation Limited (IndiGo). Motherland’s advisers include Bejul Somaia, Managing Director of Lightspeed India Partners. Motherland’s mission is to create globally competitive brands of Indian origin by collaborating with like-minded organisations and individuals in the pursuit of profit and social progress.


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