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MTV launches new campaign for safe sex awareness

MTV is the universe of the young and has the final word on everything related to youth. This time around too the biggest, boldest and bravest youth channel  has launched a new campaign on World AIDS day with a message  #CoverbeforeLover. As a nation, we are obsessed with encasing everything around us in a cover- remote control, leather couch, car seats, bikes, cars, certificates, etc., but when it comes to covering up when it actually matters, we don’t.
For creating an awareness around the topic of safe sex, the youth entertainment channel has launched a film, which is a throwback to the iconic old-school MTV films with a quirky central character- Mr. Cover Lover (pronounced as Mr. Cova Lova)  who suffers from OCD- Obsessive Covering Disorder. The films shows Mr. Cover Lover in different situations, cursing the world and stressing the importance to cover everything. He is finally shown with his partner, doing the right thing and covering up. The film lands on the final message of Cover Up before Sexy Time. #CoverbeforeLover
A fun quirky take on the importance of using protection while indulging in sexual intercourse, the film speaks to the youth of India in a language they understand best – humour. The idea is not to preach, but to use humour to create awareness with regards to sexual health.
When it’s time for Sexy, Not covering is Risky

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