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nearbuy Celebrates Beauty Month by Announcing the Most Pampered City in India


nearbuy surveyed nearly 2000 people across all cities and discovered a few insights on beauty and wellness. Here’s the revelation.

In honor of June Beauty Month, nearbuy (, announced today that Mumbai is the most pampered city in India. nearbuy customers in financial capital and most populous city bought more full body massages, foot reflexology, haircuts, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair straightening and other indulgent offers than any other place in the country.

Close to 42%, Mumbaikars visit Spa and Salon once a month where only 20% Bangaloreans are gung ho about the beauty services and on an average 35% Delhiites pamper themselves once a month.

Exploratory Instinct:

An amazing 58% of respondents like to explore the beauty salons in comparison to 22% who are loyal to the same salon they have been visiting for years.

35% of the people who responded haven’t known their beauticians for long enough and a few 25% have known them only for a couple of years, reveals the survey. Similar pattern was seen with the hairdressers where only 19% of the people knew their hairdressers for long enough (i.e. for more than 6 years) whereas 34% didn’t know their hairdressers at all proving that people don’t have any qualms in getting their hair done from different people.

A whopping 70% of the population visit Spa basis their location or offers they get.

Loyalty Tales:

Delhiites are more loyal to their beauticians than their counterparts in other cities.36% Delhiites go to the same beautician whereas 40% Bangaloreans prefer to explore and 44% Mumbaikars go by their mood.

Yes, people love to get a hairdo from the same hairdresser for a period of time.

40% Delhiites,33% Bangaloreans and 36% Mumbaikarstrust their own hairdressers with their treasured locks.

The most pampered city is also the most generous. 41% Mumbiakars would like to do something special for their hairdressers/beauticians giving a close fight to Delhi with 39% and only 21% Bangaloreans agreed to do follow the lead.

Sharing his insights on the survey and its findings, Sachin Kapur, Co-Founder and CMO nearbuy commented “Conducting this survey has provided us with essential insights about our target audienceand their behavior towards the consumption of beauty services. We’re seeing more and more people recognize the importance of taking care of themselves––and doing it for an amazing value, with more than 20,000 of the top salons and spas in our marketplace, nearbuy has everything you need to pamper yourself and the nearbuy promise ensures that we take full responsibility of delivering the promised experience.”

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