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OYO goes #FoolProof this April Fool’s Day


On April 1st, OYO did the opposite of what people have generally come to expect from brands on April Fool’s Day. OYO – India’s largest hotel network, announced a chance to win a holiday by entering a survey.

The survey comprised fairly random questions, unlike those in any serious survey, adding to the gag-feel of the entire premise. But the participants who persevered and completed the survey were in for a cool surprise. The questions were based on random topics, including the day’s weather and favourite colour of the participant. There were red herrings replete in the questionnaire and many quit before completion thinking it was eventually going to turn out to be a prank. For example, the last question asked participants if they thought this survey was a prank. Those who said ‘NO, it’s not a prank’ were shortlisted for the prize voucher and those who said ‘YES, it’s a prank’ had to make do with a 25% discount voucher. The idea behind the contest was to trick those who thought OYO was playing a prank on them.

The prank was well-received with over 800 entries during an hour-long period. 40 fans won themselves a Rs. 2500 OYO voucher. Through this activity, the brand known for enabling hassle-free experience, sought to establish its trustworthiness in a fun and quirky way.

About OYO Townhouse:

OYO Townhouse, are designed to function as social hotspots to cater to city dwellers and a new generation of guests. Besides outstation guests, residents staying in these areas will be able to use the property as an alternative workplace, experience a vast array of global cuisines and access the lounge and retail store with exclusive merchandise.

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