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Roposo celebrates World Environment Day through slew of interesting initiatives


On the occasion of World Environment Day – which falls on Sunday June 5 – Roposo, along with its employees decided to come together for eco-friendly initiatives.  From Friday onward, Roposo started the day by switching off the lights for three hours and ensured that the air conditioning was at an environment-friendly 24 degrees centigrade. The management has decided to maintain this temperature (24 degrees C) throughout the summer in order to increase electricity savings by 3-5%. All office lights and air conditioners will remain switched off from Friday evening to  Monday morning.

In addition, the company has also initiated an interesting tree plantation drive in the office complex that saw participation from all the employees. In a bid to do their bit to save the environment, the employees pledged to take care of the trees in their surroundings, and also plant more trees in their residential vicinity.

Roposo is doing away with paper cups and replacing them with reusable mugs and glasses. The employees were also advised to limit the use of paper napkins. To further enhance the environmental consciousness of its workforce, the company is hosting a breakfast session on Tuesday, June 7, to discuss various ways in which everybody can collectively pitch in and work out simple solutions to save the environment.

Talking about the need to take up these initiatives, HR Head at Roposo, Mona Thangaraj said, “On account of World Environment Day, we at Roposo are introducing a number of initiatives to do our own little bit for the planet. We believe if we start these initiatives at an office level, their impact will eventually make its way into the individual lives of our employees and will enhance their propensity to be sensitive towards the environment in their own way.”

Aligning the organisational initiatives with the ongoing ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’, she added, “we are also looking at composting waste and tying up with an NGO. We are strongly discouraging waste of paper. All our endeavors are in accordance with the Swach Bharat vision!”

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