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Six B-Boys from Mumbai make it through to the Red Bull BC One India Cypher in Bangalore


Following a day of gruelling workshops and a Mumbai cypher that saw close to 200 B-Boys and B-Girls battle for a coveted spot in the top 16 at the Red Bull BC One India Cypher, six B-Boys from the city have made it through. Among these are the winners of the previous two India editions of the one-on-one B-Boying championship – B-Boy Abdul and B-Boy Flying Machine. Also through are B-Boy Nevermind (Sagar Naidu, runner-up in 2015 and 2016), B-Boy Flexx (Vikram Sehua) and B-Boy Arttech (Karan Harishchandra Shelar), all of whom have been in the top 16 previously, as well as B-Boy Tornado (Ramesh Anand Yadav), who has made it through for the first time.

The judges – Red Bull BC One All Stars Pelezinho and Wing, and star South Korean B-Boy Differ – conducted two workshops each through the day, followed by the cypher, which saw participation from a number of hopefuls from the city, as well as neighbouring cities, including Pune and Nashik. Over multiple rounds, B-Boys and B-Girls were eliminated, until the final six were chosen. They will now be joined by 10 B-Boys and B-Girls from across the cyphers to be held in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata on the 18th of May, to complete the top 16.

The Judges:

PELÉZINHO: Among the leading B-Boys in Brazil, Red Bull BC One All Star Pelézinho (Little Pelé) was one of the surprises of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2005 in Berlin, making it all the way to the semifinals.

As a child, Pelézinho played football in the streets and was so good, people began comparing him to the Brazilian legend, Pele. He then encountered breaking in his hometown of São José do Rio Preto in 1995, at the age of 13, and began dancing shortly after.

Pelézinho’s style is inspired by elements of the joyful “ginga” approach of Brazilian dance and attitude, which is acrobatic and powerful. He mixes techniques learned from capoeira and samba, a combination that rarely fails to leave opponents in his wake.

WING: A Red Bull BC One All Star and the 2008 Red Bull BC One World Champion, Wing has been dancing for more than half his life. He credits his brother, Skim, as being his biggest influence, and responsible for laying the foundations for him.

A well-rounded B-Boy, Wing likes to create highly detailed patterns of movement and incorporates complex choreography and flow into his dance, while including all the aspects of B-Boying from footwork, to freezes to power moves. He was christened Wing by a mentor, owing to the lightness of his flight-like moves.

DIFFER: Currently among South Korea’s most prominent B-Boys, Differ’s breaking career goes back close to 20 years, when he first discovered the art while in middle school. Four years later, he had won his first world championship at the UK B-Boy Championships. Also a finalist at the Red Bull BC One World Final in 2012, Differ has travelled the world with his talent, being involved in choreography, teaching, performances, training, event planning, performance productions, video production, design and more.


What is Red Bull BC One?

Red Bull BC One is a one-on-one B-Boy World Championship that was established in Biel, Switzerland, in 2004. Within the scene, it is widely regarded as the foremost competition of its kind, and every year, thousands of dancers compete in Red Bull BC One Cyphers – preliminary and national level competitions – across the globe, for a chance to compete at the World Finals and win the prestigious Red Bull BC One World Championship.

Over 90 Red Bull BC One Cyphers are conducted across the world, followed by one World Final. One of the biggest aspects of Red Bull BC One is to support and strengthen the communities and to open opportunities to the dancers to develop their skills and perform on a global stage.

Who are the All Stars?

The Red Bull BC One All Stars is a crew of – presently 11 – internationally renowned dancers who represent the best of the best in the B-Boying scene across the globe. They serve as ambassadors of hip hop culture, with their main goal being to give back to the community and share their wealth of experience and skills with the younger generation of dancers. They travel the world to teach workshops, judge competitions and battle, continually challenging and pushing the limits of B-Boying.


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