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Snapdeal launches next-gen Open Logistics Platform for 3PL partners


Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace, today announced the launch of its Open Logistics Platform (OLP), a state of the art plug and play technology that will allow its 3PL courier to use Snapdeal’s logistics management system, which offers many superior capabilities.

Piloted last year with select couriers,  OLP will give end to end visibility of shipments in transit, offer analytics info to plan capacity and load on different lines, and plan timely interventions for effective last mile delivery. This will enable smart management of peaks and troughs in demand by smartly allocating volumes, based on a courier’s capacities.

Speaking on the launch, Rajiv Mangla, Chief Technology Officer for Snapdeal said, “As we work with diverse 3PL partners across different regions, we realized that regional logistics players cater to remote geographic areas but are low on technology or lack the financial muscle to control the end user experience. To create a consistent customer experience, we felt the need to improve capabilities of our last-mile delivery partners. The OLP integration is a ground-breaking step in that direction.”

Couriers that adopt the OLP are likely to gain significant advantages over the competition because it will allow them to focus on core operational activities, improving customer experience, and save cost due to business optimization and operational efficiencies.  By using OLP, logistics companies can focus on their core business of moving shipments rather than worrying about ever changing technology needs. OLP as a SaaS platform takes care of providing the required innovations well in time to stay ahead of the game.

Currently, individual integration with delivery partners happens on an API (application program interface) to API basis and since different players have very different APIs, integration takes up to a couple of months to complete. This platform can reduce the time taken to a week, especially for smarter partners who have some exposure to technology in their operations.


One thought on “Snapdeal launches next-gen Open Logistics Platform for 3PL partners

  1. we are working with Overnite Express a Business Associate for Dhule (424001) , Maharashtra.I am experienced with Blue Darts RSP as an Administrator and with Delhivery a Team Lead at Dhule before this.
    Because of availability of all required things , I am completely confident to give the best results always.Most important thing is I am ready and able to give service in around 15 pincodes including Dhule and its all outskirts area.
    I am interested to work with Snapdeal in any form of OLP for Dhule with all outskirts area as a 3PL.

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