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This Christmas, witness the epic blockbuster series ‘The Bible’ on HISTORY TV18


With Christmas around the corner, HISTORY TV18 is all set to enthrall its audiences with ‘The Bible’starting from 24th December at 9 PM.From Genesis to Revelation, the channel will illuminate the Bible, re-telling the stories, unfolding and revealing new insights into the iconic characters of the Bible. This 10 part miniseries will feature some of the best-known stories ever written from Noah’s ark to the Exodus, and the life and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth in the Bible.

The series brings fresh life to the world’s best known book. Instead of presenting the Bible’s epic tales through the lens of faith or religion, this event series immerses the viewer in the stories in a whole new way. It is told in the first person, from the point of view of the heroes and villains whose decisions shaped both Old and New Testaments. From Abraham to Moses, from Noah to David, through Jesus and the Apostles, ‘The Bible’ captures the struggles of real people dealing with real issues in a way a modern audience can relate to.

Keith David narrates the series that stars Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress Roma Downey (aka Mother Mary) – who also serves as a co-executive producer along with her husband, Mark Burnett(produced shows likeThe Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank) who is the creator and producer of this show. Joining them is Portuguese TV star DiogoMorgado(aka Jesus), Darwin Shaw (aka Peter) and Sebastian Knapp (aka John).

Tune into ‘The Bible’ to witness the iconic stories starting 24th December every Sat-Sun at 9 pm only on HISTORY TV18.

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