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Life OK launches Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh


Amidst varied genres of the show, swinging from comedy to fiction, Life OK in association with Contiloe Pictures is all set to serve its forthcoming series of Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The story unfolds a king who was unlike others always served Punjab with true intentions. He was a true leader with great visionary, a man of intelligence and not just brute strength.

Founder of Sikh Empire, he is mostly known as the last Indian to hold the famed Koh-i-noor diamond and for gold-plating the Golden Temple. The show follows the journey of the exemplary king who placed service above rule and unity above power. It sets out to discover all the facets of the man whose philosophies endeared him to his countrymen and whose political acumen struck fear in the heart of his enemies- the British and Afgans.

Life OK took up the mantle to tell his story as, even after many centuries – his progressive strategies, leadership principles and life philosophies are still relevant to modern day India. To portray such a vast story with royal touch on the screen, the makers got Omung Kumar onboard to design the sets. Alongside the costumes of the lead actors are designed by the famous Bollywood costume designers Manoshi Nath and Rushi Sharma. On the other hand, Bollywood’s stunt director Allan Amin was brought in to design the war sequences in the show.

The launch event at Delhi has witnessed the lead casts of the show, including actors Damanpreet Singh, who plays the character of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Other actors who glorified the event named as, Tunisha Sharma (plays Ranjit Singh’s wife, Mehtab Kaur), Shaleen Bhanot (plays Ranjit Singh’s father, Maha Singh), Sneha Wagh (plays his mother, Raj Kaur), Sonia Singh (playing Mehtab’s mother, Sada Kaur), and Rumi Khan (playing Mehtab’s father, Gurbaksh).

As for the preparations, Sneha Wagh said to Media Infoline, “I had to start from the very beginning as not many people know about Ranjit Singh’s mother. So I had to prepare every nooks and bits. There’s pressure also as we are portraying a character that is not fictional, they were real.” Talking about the relationship she carries with others, Sneha told, “We have been shooting since January and I share a very professional relationship with all of them. Though, I am now sharing a playful relationship with Daman and Tunisha.”

Abhimanyu Singh, CEO, Contiloe Pictures was also present at the event. He said, “We are very happy to announce the launch of our next historical venture, ‘Sher-E-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh’ in collaboration with Life OK. This Show promises to be the biggest historical out of our stable. We have worked for over a year and a half on the show and a unit of w and a unit of 500 people are working day and night to translate our vision into reality. We are also working with the state of the art VFX supervisors and stylists to give freshness to this epic saga.”

Catch this magnum opus starting 20th March, every Monday to Friday 8:30 PM only on Life OK.

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  1. according to my thinking ,I am a good actor and I try to give my best .for role play in the present serial shere Punjab maharaja ranjit singh I want to be meet with the director of this serial. please reply me as soon as possible. I am in waiting. thanking you
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  2. I am a good actor and I request to director of this serial that I want to give the audition of any role in this serial. I want to meet director of this serial as soon as possible. Please tell me what is my role.

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  5. I am 19 years old.I would like to apply for the role of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji . I am good at acting rest you can take audition. I would be very glad if you provide me this big chance.
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  6. Par Maharaja serial ta khatm ho gya life ok to ejrha keo hoyeaa main te meri faimly sari dekhdi bhut vadiaa serial sii

  7. What is time of the serial . Is it changed we were waiting for it to start at the pointed time Wat happened plz resume it .it is the only serial we have been watching with keen interest. Plz plz plz restart it if discountined.

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