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See Y.A.R.O fall in love with a talking washing machine!


Since its commencement, Sony SAB’s show Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan has not only managed to tickle audience’s funny bone but also engrossed everyone with its quirky plots. Y.A.R.O (Anirudh Dave), who has been trying to familiarize himself with societal lives, human relationships, cultures, rules and norms, in yet another hilarious episode tries to understand the theory of love. And it so happens that he falls in love with a washing machine – Y.A.R.O’s father’s (Rakesh Bedi) latest innovation.

Much to the delight of the audiences, the washing machine also has the ability to talk and respond to questions using her preinstalled features. At the first sight of being introduced to the washing machine, Y.A.R.O finds himself to be attracted to the beauty of the machine. While plugin it in, he gets an electric shock and suddenly remembers what his father told him on how to know when you are in love. Y.A.R.O is stuck by a new awakening and a realization of sort. He is in love!! In love with a washing machine. The episodic track will showcase Y.A.R.O’s declaration of love for the washing machine and reaction he gets from his family and friends. Always an irritant to Y.A.R.O life, Chaturvedi Chintamani (Umesh Bajpayee) proclaims that Y.A.R.O has gone bonkers. He gathers the society members and challenges his father to get Yaro tested by his psychiatrist friend. What the psychiatrist concludes over Y.A.R.O’s situation is something that the audiences will have to wait and watch.

Sharing his view on the quirky track, actor Anirudh Dave says, “The show’s concept is very different and my role is very performance oriented as I am playing a humanoid. Hence, it interesting to note how a machine is shown falling in love with another machine. The way the expressions and the emotions are shown is something which is a big experience for me as an actor. I hope the audiences find this track to be entertaining. ”

Catch all the fun on Sony Sab’s Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan every Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm!

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