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Youth centric show ​Aye Zindagi draws in big numbers​

Aye Zindagi, a youth centric show produced by BBC Worldwide India has been repeatedly pushing the envelope with offbeat concepts and compelling stories every week. 

The show averages 142,000 viewers in it’s premiere time slot of Thursday 7 PM; and is also the highest rated series in the time slot for the youth genre. The series has garnered more than 10 Million viewers cumulatively during it’s 10 episode run.

This week, the show aims to draw focus to the cause of victims subject to abuse from family members. The episode traces the journey of a young girl who realizes that the people she thought were her family, turned out to be the demons she ran away from.

The episode will air this Thursday, 13th April at 7 PM on Zing.

The show is centred around the theme of the mistakes youth make and  aims to tell them that these mistakes are not the end of them; there’s always a second chance and the choice is theirs to make.

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