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Zindagi announces Turkey’s Blockbuster ‘A Love Story’ Coming Soon


After the stupendous success of Turkish Blockbusters Feriha, Fatmagul, Little Lord and Kuzey Guney, Zindagi adds another Turkish Blockbuster to its global content line-up. With a stellar ensemble cast including Seckin Ozdemir, Damla Sonmez and Yamac Telli amongst others, ‘A Love Story’ adapted from a South Korean drama, will not only delight Indian audiences but will also further enlighten them about the beautiful Turkish culture.

‘A Love Story’ centres around a young man named Korkut Ali who was left at the doorstep of an orphanage by his parents in Istanbul, adopted and orphaned again by his foster parents who lost their lives in a road accident after moving to Germany. Since then, this orphaned boy being on his own turned to crime to make himself a living. A freak accident leaves Korkut will only a year to live. With very little time left in his life, Korkut leaves Germany for his native Istanbul to find his mother. However Korkut’s world shatters again when he finds out that his mother, is a very well-known singer of the country who is living a luxurious life with her famous singer son, Tolga. Devastated with this revelation, Korkut decides to seek revenge from his mother and brother, but destiny brings love into his life. Will love absorb all the darkness from Korkut’s life and conquers the hatred in his heart.

Catch the newest Turkish Drama – ‘A Love Story’, Coming Soon in Hindi, only on Zindagi!!!

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