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Zindagi launches Turkish Blockbuster ‘A Love Story’ on 6th March @ 8 PM


Zindagi’s newest Turkish Blockbuster ‘A Love Story’ will premiere on Monday, 6th March at 8 PM and will air every Monday to Saturday in Hindi. The blockbuster show centres around the journey of a young man, Korkut, whose life undergoes an ill-fated turn of events that take him on the path of hatred and vengeance and how destiny brings love into his life. The drama also introduces two charming Turkish actors Seckin Ozdemir and Damla Sonmez to Indian audiences.

The handsome, Seckin Ozdemir, who plays Korkut hails from Istanbul and is known for his heart-warming performances. A musical enthusiast, Seckin is also a DJ and has entertained audiences off-screen too across major clubs in Turkey. Portraying the character of Korkut, Seckin plays the role of a young man who was brought up on the streets of Germany. Although, he earns his living through petty crimes, he intends to live a happy life and hopes to find his biological mother who had abandoned him as a child.

The charming Damla Sonmez plays the role of Ceylan. She is a popular face on Turkish television and was passionate about cinema from her early childhood. After graduating from high school in Istanbul, Damla studied theatre at the prestigious University of Sorbonne in Paris. Portraying the character of Ceylan, Damla plays the role of a happy-go-lucky girl from a middle-class family. She firmly believes in love and would go to any extent to please the people she loves and cares for. Ceylan works for Tolga who is one of the most famous singers of Istanbul and is secretly in love with him, however, Tolga doesn’t feel the same about her. Ceylan enters Korkut’s life accidently when she is robbed and Korkut helps her out.

Will this accidently meeting bring a new beginning to Korkut’s life? What does destiny have in store for Ceylan and Korkut?

Catch the premiering episode of this Blockbuster Turkish Drama – ‘A Love Story’ in Hindi on 6th March at 8 PM, only on Zindagi!!!

29 thoughts on “Zindagi launches Turkish Blockbuster ‘A Love Story’ on 6th March @ 8 PM

  1. Good show. I am enjoying it. Previously, I have also enjoyed Turkey’ s TV show Feriha and Fatmagul. Both shows are very very fine , family , love, business, relations drama. Also enjoyed Little Lord Turkey show. And now again enjoying Fatmagul and also Kuzey Guney Turkey show. Must see TV shows.

  2. A love story is an excellent show .

    The actors are extremely good and the lead actor is too handsome.
    Must watch it.

  3. Great plot ‘a love story’ …i cannot resist my emotions after each episode ….hope I could see it all in one go

  4. A love story is the best love story based TV show I have ever seen. Their acting is very good n there is no drama like typical Hindi TV show . that I hatet.
    Giving 100***************stars

  5. Best serial i have ever seen , i strongly get connected and acting of korkut Ali i and his swaeger is out of the world, i love this show very much and it’s music also.

  6. A love story is an amazing serial I have ever seen. Its all the characters and their acting are awesome like real. The main lead characters are fantastic. Korkut ‘s acting and attitude is awesome. Its my favorite show till now.

  7. A love story is an awesome show. All the characters are fantastic. Korkut the lead actor is amazing. The hindi dubbing of the serial is an excellent job.

  8. Thank you Zindagi for providing me with a nice quota of entertaining Turkish shows. Currently enjoying A Love Story & Kuzey Guney 2. Why I find myself attracted to these shows is the beautiful, green, living n breathing locales instead of the garish drawing rooms of Indian Serials where one sneeze by a character radiates god knows in what all directions n the entire Khaandaan turns up holding phones in their hands with horribly made up faces. And then the asphyxiating camera work showing individual reactions of all n no. of characters drawn out from their ‘idle hovels’. Indian serial makers r requested to grow up. Plz make serials which have an end too.

  9. Hello there! “A love story” it’s not only a show for me it is beyond it for me. I never miss an episode, only this series i watch daily spent only one hour on TV of my whole day. I love this serial too much I can’t even tell you abt what I feel when I watch this. I have no words to explain how much I like this serial. And u know what I never call this serial by name I always said ” korkut” . Actually alomost every serial of turkey till now which are telecast in india, all good. Feriha the first serial of turkey was Telecast n I love it too. You won’t believe that i’ve changed my mind I inspired alot to watch these foriegn series. I love them. And I know this change is good. Hope this will be continue and I’m waiting for ask-i-memnu. Hope this one telecast too. Thank you.

  10. I love this show very much…..and I want to see this show again please please start this show once again after Ramadan please

  11. This love story is not just only a serial ….it’s beyond something for me …the struggle of Korkut for his love story something worth watching. I feel it’s the best love story I’ve ever seen in my life …

  12. Hi…loved all serials of favourite was love story..felt sorry for Korkut…life was miserable for him…the story should have had a happy ending…
    Can anyone confirm when will they start airing Zindagi channel again??

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