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Indu Mirani at the SMC masterclass at Whistling Woods International


The students of School of Media & Communication (SMC), Whistling Woods International (WWI) participated in an entertaining and informative session by Indu Mirani, an ex-Entertainment Editor from Mumbai Mirror. The masterclass commenced with the renowned journalist talking about her early days of journalism. She shared, “Journalism is way more difficult now as compared to a decade ago. During my early days as a journalist, there was ample of time to work on one story, nowadays a new story has to be written every hour.”

Indu Mirani began the session by talking about her journey and went on to educate the students about pursuing journalism as a career. On a lighter note, she shared stories from her interviews with popular celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. She revealed that the Badshah of Bollywood is always open to answer all the questions and does so in great detail. She also spoke about Amitabh Bachchan and how chivalrous he is an individual since he would make sure to drop his guests off at the door, without fail.

The session moved on to Indu Mirani throwing light on various aspects of entertainment journalism. While sharing some of the practices in journalism with the students, she said, “You need to do in-depth – research and observe, if you want to pursue your career in entertainment journalism. It’s not necessary to focus on writing blockbuster movies but you can always cover content-driven movies, niche movies and various other areas of entertainment. The key thing you should remember is research and observe that is essential and imperative to deliver competent work as a journalist.”

The conversation with Indu Mirani then turned towards the role of social media in the present day life. Students asked her about her opinion on the same and she shared, “Social media is like a double-edged sword. It could be used wisely but unfortunately it is used unwisely.” She reflected on the prevalent practices in the world of social media.

The session then moved into journalism as a profession and the popular journalist wrapped up the session by sharing, “If you have a good flair for writing and love reading, your experience as a journalist will be a smoother one. I am very happy to be here and connect with a group of young and enthusiastic students. I wish everyone the best.”


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