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University Connection launches unique#UCSuccessMeet 2017


University Connection held it’s unique #UCSuccessMeet2017 where aspiring Students and Parents interacted and learned from the experience of Students and Parents who have already taken the plunge and made the decision to study at some the best universities in the world.“It’s been the best way to get authentic unbiased career advice.” Said a student from a top Delhi school. The #UCSuccessMeet is the initiative of leading Education Expert Counsellor, Charushilla Narula Bajpai, Founder Director & Key Mentor, University Connection.

This is University Connection’s very first Success Meetand it was attended by over 100+ Students and Parents. There were students sharing how they got close to $100,000 in scholarships and how the right mentorship made it possible. When Resham spoke of her journey into UC Berkeley and Sehej displayed her artwork that got her into Parsons New York and Nandini spoke of why she chose Canada, the audience was really encouraged on how top admission in leading colleges and universities is possible.

UCSuccessMeet recognized and celebrated ambition & the unique methods for student success. “Careers are not an aggregation of marks and numbers, they are built with life experiences and timely guidance.” Shared Charushilla Narula Bajpai, Leading Education Expert Counselor, University Connection.

University Connection commenced in the year 2013.It has till date mentored hundreds of Students from across the country in the domain of Higher Education and Career Development.

University Connection’s1stSuccess Meet aimed to acknowledge the efforts of their Students, who have been with them on this journey and completed their Road Trip.To provide right guidance at the right time, University Connection has a CAAS (Complete-Application-Admission-Schedule) program. It is a Road Trip; designed to help the students get through his/her dream College. They hold their hand through the entire process of preparation for college from the very beginning till the end.

Charushilla Narula Bajpai, Leading Education Expert Counselor, said “Looking at University Connections steady endeavour to connect with key countries and to keep generating better opportunities for its Students has brought UCSuccessMeet. Our guidance to both the Students and Parents with a set of counsellors help them choose their career path.”

“As Student and Parent progresses through this wonderful journey leading up to their college acceptance and admission, it’s important for them to know that University Connection will be with them through every step of the way” added Charushilla Narula Bajpai.

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