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5 TV Shows to Look Out for Now that Riverdale is Over


The viewers of Riverdale have been left wanting for more thrill and excitement after the end of the Season 1. While the wait is on for Riverdale’s Second Season, there are shows which can help fill the void of thrill.

These nail bitingly exciting shows are worth the watch for they have something new in store for the viewers:

  1. Better Call Saul – The Story of a Struggling Lawyer on the Edge of His Life

Jimmy has to come to terms with his brother. His life has been full of complexities and he has to sail through the challenges to keep his life together and his family together. From being a fraudster to changing into Saul Goodman, his life has been challenged with complexities. This show is thrill seeking, nerve wrecking and sometimes emotional at so many levels.

Watch the twisted story of Jimmy and his peers on Better Call Saul only on COLORS INFINITY

  1. Kingdom – They have to fight to survive as one

Alvey wants to make his sons the best fighters. It is a battle of recognition, as they have to fight to be at the top. What matters is that no matter how hard they get punched, their family needs to stick together to survive. The younger son, Nate has to come to terms with his sexuality, while Jay his elder brother has to leave his past behind. Will they emerge successful? Can they stay together always?

Watch Alvey and his family fight harder against all odds on Kingdom on COLORS INFINITY.

  1. Manhattan – Race Against Time to Build a Nuclear Weapon

With time ticking and Nazis as their enemies, these government scientists have the most crucial task at hand. They have to be faster, sharper and smarter in order to build an atomic bomb before Nazis can do it. They have to overcome the challenges to achieve their goal.

Watch the thrilling season of Manhattan only on COLORS INFINITY.


  1. Kevin Can Wait – The hilarious life of Kevin

The hilarious life of Kevin revolves around his struggle to adjust with his family post is retirement. He is adorably funny and his life is worth the watch. He has to accept and adjust with things he never thought.

Watch Kevin make amends on Kevin Can Wait only on Comedy Central – Your Happy Place!

  1. Ken – The disoriented family of Ken

Life of Ken, who is a physician and his family is all about hilarious drama. With a therapist wife, his own set of overprotective traits and his kids who are clueless, his house is full of strange situations.

Watch Ken and his hysteric lifestyle on Dr. Ken only on Comedy Central – Your Happy Place!

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