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Actor Tusshar Kapoor Inspires Actor Prem Singh


Is there a more challenging transition for a man than to become a new single dad with children at home? If there is, he can’t imagine it. There is no sweeter sound in the world than the word Daddy from the mouths of your children. Actor & Anchor Prem Singh is all set to create a new life for him, new routines, always making sure that he is always there for them even when he is not there physically. He is taking a bold and brave step to step into single fatherhood with the help of IVF and surrogacy. He said that Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor is an inspiration. There is a new men’s liberation movement circling the entire world.

Prem is a young man who’d love to be a dad in not too long, looking into this. Not because there is anything “wrong” with him, but because he thinks it does a great solution for guys sincerely want to experience fatherhood and have descendants, in today’s system.

Actor & Anchor Prem Singh says, “Thousands of women are becoming single mothers at will, by artificial insemination, so why can’t we? Life is short and we only live once! It’s pure bogus that men aren’t as great nurturers and caretakers as any woman and beyond, and time to manifest that fact increasingly. And men who find themselves ready to start a family but don’t have a partner are starting to turn to surrogacy to become dads. Surrogacy allows individuals to fulfill the dream of parenthood, even without a partner. Intended parents have an opportunity to maintain biological ties with their child. The men just have that extra first step of finding an egg donor.”

“Adapting to a new definition of family isn’t easy and it isn’t quick, I think single men or women deserve to experiment parenthood as long as they are stable, mentally prepared and with a great feeling to love and raise a child then go for it! I want to find a woman and get married but I also want a child of my own. We have to be open minded”, he added.

Prem is single who has been working in a career, saving money and becoming more financially secure. It’s very doable for him. It’s not just women. Guys can feel their “biological clock” start to tick, too. Energy declines with age. You need energy to take proper care of children. It was a rational consideration that I made. I feel I just can’t keep waiting to see my first-born who would look exactly like me, with all the love my heart could muster to give.

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