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COLORS INFINITY reveals the aces up its sleeve with new seasons of Fargo and Better Call Saul


This summer, COLORS INFINITY is all set to premiere the latest seasons of two of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of recent time. After the gripping season finale, the channel is all set to showcase Season 3 of Better Call Saul along with the latest season of Fargo, adding to the library of INSTANT PREMIERES on COLORS INFINITY.

The second season of ‘Better Call Saul’ allowed fans into a new world of complexity by deepening one of the shows pivotal relationships. COLORS INFINITY lawyers up this April to showcase season three, as it kicks off with Jimmy and Kim dealing with Chuck and the fallout of their Mesa Verde scheme. The all new season is set to premiere within 12 hours of its US premiere.

Globally acclaimed show Fargo returns to COLORS INFINITY with its third season on 20th April, 2017, bringing in an all new story and fresh cast. The second season of Fargo received numerous accolades and awards including three Golden Globe as well as several Emmy nominations. The new season of Fargo promises to be the closest to the original Fargo storyline and theme, starring Ewan McGregor, Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, David Thewlis and Jim Gaffigan. The Fargo story dials back the scale from its second season; making it more intimate neo-noir about desperate people doing things for dubious reasons, triggering a cascade of consequences for a widening array of people. In plot and tone, the premiere strongly evokes the 1996 classic by the Coen brothers that inspires the show’s wintry milieu.

Excited to bring forth the new content line-up of 2017, Hashim D’Souza, Programming Head of English Entertainment, Viacom18, said “While shows such as Fargo and Better Call Saul have immense global popularity, we were pleased to receive a welcoming response from the Indian audience. Viewers today are discerning and are more accepting to fresher, newer content. We have constantly aimed at offer edgy, unique content and are excited to bring the new seasons of Better Call Saul and Fargo for the eager audience. Committed to showcasing engaging content, we are certain that the viewers will welcome the new addition to our line-up.”

In addition to the season premieres, COLORS INFINITY will also continue to showcase Instant Premieres of shows such as Riverdale, Arrow, The Flash, Shades of Blue, Taken and Blindspot after their respective mid-season hiatuses. Viewers will also get a chance to bid adieu to their newest favorite crime-thriller show The Blacklist: Redemption, until it returns with a new season.

With all that’s in store for its discerning viewers this month, COLORS INFINITY is all set to reach out to newer horizons!

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