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“CUDDLY”- A timeless film wrapped around mother’s eternal love


It’s one thing to universally feel a mother’s love as the most comforting but to watch these delicate threads of emotions, woven carefully into a snug film is what makes ‘Cuddly’ a timeless work of heart.

When a film creates an instant connect with over 5 lakh Youtube viewers, not to mention the countless other Facebook views and social media shares; with people reminiscing their mother’s love even across the borders, you know it is a special one.

Directed by Karan B. Shetty for Terribly Tiny Talkies,‘Cuddly’is created from simple day-to-day conversations between a mother and a daughter against a quiet night. The treatment gives birth to some moments that are relatable (especially the fight between the mother and the daughter about food).

That the film has seeped into people’s hearts is evident from viewer comments quoting the film dialogues like “Khaana toh padega” and “MBA karke tum jhoola bechogi”.

‘Cuddly’not only went viral on its release on Mother’s Day, it kept growing organically on people across the globe watching this simple yet endearing conversation. Having tucked many a soft hearts with its soothing theme of motherly love and finding relevance throughout time and across countries. Comments like “miss u in Russia my great mom”, from NRIs, haven’t been so surprising.

With effortless performances by Neena Kulkarni and Shruti Vyas, the film enjoyed over 10lakh views on Incredible India’s Facebook page. And recently ‘Cuddly’ was also shortlisted for the Filmfare short film awards category, 2017.Not stopping at that, the film was also picked by Madover Marketing, getting a wonderful response on their Facebook page within just two hours.

Thrown amidst a culture that thrives on constant innovations and advancements, the film is a tapestry illuminating our craving for everlasting comfort and the relieving insight that a mother’s love needs no upgrades and cannot be replaced.

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