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Manav Gangwani Dresses Neil Nitin Mukesh & Rukmini Neil Mukesh


Manav Gangwani, one of the leading names in the Indian fashion fraternity has hand picked ensembles for Neil Nitin Mukesh & Rukmini Neil Mukesh for their wedding reception to be held in Mumbai at JW Marriott on the 17th February 2017. Both these ensembles were meticulously picked by master couturier Manav Gangwani from the “Begum-e-Jannat” collection that was showcased at India Couture Week 2016.

Emperor Jahangir once said about Kashmir: “Agar Firdaws ba roy-i zamin ast, hamin ast-u hamin ast-u hamin ast,” meaning, “If there is Paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this.”

The ensembles from the collection arean amalgamation of sentiments that are evoked by the word ‘Jannat’, meaning Paradise with every design in the collection being a reflection of a visual piece of paradise to be owned and cherished.

“Begum-e-Jannat” captures the Mughal era effortlessly with subtle hints of sensuality. Being a regal and rich collection, both the outfits for Neil & Rukmini feature opulent tones of Ivory & emerald green.

Speaking on this occasion, Manav Gangwani shares a few words, “Neil is a very dear friend to me and I am delighted to dress the newly weds for their wedding reception. Rukmini’s style and sensibility is simple and elegant keeping that in mind the ensemble selected for her reflects simplicity and elegance. Each garment has been tailor-made to perfection.I hope Neil & Rukmini enjoy wearing these outfits as much as I have enjoyed making it for them. Wishing the newly weds all the very best for the future”.
On this occasion Neil Nitin Mukesh says, “MG is family. He is like a brother and what better to have someone so close to you to be a part of such an important day in your life. Apart from that I personally love his esthetics and style that each of his outfits exudes.”

On this occasion Rukmini Neil Mukesh says, “MG is synonymous with timeless fashion and every outfit tells a beautiful story. I always wanted him to design Neil & my reception outfit because his collection is subtle and yet makes a statement. It makes a wearer standout in the crowd”.

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