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&pictures to air Hindi Television Premiere of Smurfs – The Lost Village on 17th June

MediaInfoline June 13, 2018

Get ready to immerse yourself into the exciting adventures of the Smurfs, as they set out on a journey to find the enigmatic world filled with magical creatures. Smurfs – The Lost Village is the stirring journey of the mischievous, yet adorable animated characters who venture into the ‘Forbidden Forest’ where a legendary ‘lost village’ is believed to have been resting. The Hindi voice cast for the movie includes Prachi Save Saathi, Sahil Vaid, Shanoor Mirza, Amit Diondyi, Shahnawaz Pradhan and Anil Dutt. &pictures is all set to treat its viewers with this family entertainer on Sunday, 17th June 2018, at 12pm.

In a peaceful Smurf village, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Hefty Smurf and Smurfette live along with a hundred other Smurfs and Papa Smurf. Smurfette accidentally breaks an invention by Brainy, post which she sees a blue creature hidden by a leaf and follows it straight into the Forbidden Forest. After a slight chase, she loses sight of the creature but discovers a hat dropped by a possible Smurf.

The sworn enemy of the Smurfs, Gargamel manages to capture Smurfette in the forest and she ends up revealing about the hat, which opens a Pandora’s Box about the lost village. While Gargamel brews a mix that helps him to locate the village on a map, Hefty, Brainy, and Clumsy help Smurfette escape and return to the Smurf Village. On the other hand, Papa Smurf dismisses any claims of a secret village filled with Smurfs and punishes the four for disobeying the rules. But, Smurfette is determined to locate the lost village and Hefty, Brainy, and Clumsy offer to help her. The gang follows the map and embark on a journey to the lost village called Smurfy Grove, where they encounter bizarre creatures and come face to face with Gargamel who attempts to harm them.

Will Gargamel succeed in finding the lost village before the Smurfs? What is the secret behind Smurfy Grove and who lives there?

To find out tune-in to Smurfs: The Lost Village on Sunday 17th June at 12 noon only on &pictures.


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