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Web Talkies launches ‘Manoranjan Ke 100 din’


Web Talkies, the latest digital home entertainment brand in the country has launched the campaign ‘Manoranjan Ke 100 Din’ and announced a series of interesting and engaging contests to celebrate completion of 100 days of entertaining its viewers with fun-filled and variety original entertainment content. During this campaign running from 23rd September to the 21st of October, the platform will host a variety of contests across 4 of Web Talkies’ most popular shows namely Maid in India’, ‘Gang of Big Boys’, ‘Border Border’ and a new show soon to be launched.

The contests will begin with, the show ‘Maid In India’ which revolves around Priyanka, a tech-savvy, social media-addicted maid, who is Dubai return owns a Nano and speaks her mind, who with her iPhone and witty solutions, helps her mistress face the highs and the lows, the yeses and the nos of life with aplomb. Played by actress Flora Saini, this show is one of the most popular series of Web Talkies.

The ‘Maid In India’ contest asks audiences to think of creative reasons as to why do they need a maid like Priyanka in their house. The winner of the contest will have Priyanka, the character, visiting them in person along with a few cast and crew and handing over the Mega Gift Hamper. A shoot will be conducted around this visit and then a video of the same will be uploaded on Web Talkies’ Facebook Page.For the runners-up, Web Talkies will provide 10 goody bags that contain customized Web Talkies merchandise. There’s a third prize as well, where 50 gift vouchers will be given out.

Commenting on the campaign, Virendra Shahaney, CMD, Web Talkies said, “It feels great to see Web Talkies celebrate 100 days of its on-line existence, with a viewer base that is growing every day. The ‘Manoranjan ke 100 din’ is a campaign that aims to give back the love which audience has given us, through the currency of rip-roaring laughter and attractive contests.”

With a wide range of content for Indian audiences across the globe, Web Talkies has emerged as the preferred digital entertainment destination that speaks the language of our times and brings content suited to the discerning preferences of the Indian viewer across the globe. During the campaign, each of the 4 shows from the ‘Fun Capsule’ group will have unique, dedicated contests, targeting one show a week.

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