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Britannia masters the pro-health route with NutriChoice Digestive Zero


Britannia Industries Ltd., expands its health portfolio with the launch of NutriChoice Digestive Zero.

Indian consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious and with mobile apps like calorie count and fitness pals, every bite is measured and calculated. NutriChoice Digestive Zero fulfills the evolving needs of the consumer for a healthy snacking option without compromising on taste. Digestive Zero has zero added sugar and zero maida and is high on Fibre. NutriChoice Digestive Zero is a perfect combination of ingredients for health seekers, helping them maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Mr. Ali Harris Shere, VP Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd. said, “NutriChoice is one of India’s top health brands today, leading a change in the way Indians think, feel and behave about health and healthy living. NutriChoice has a deep and enduring belief that small yet smart food choices can play a significant role in enabling people to get more out of their lives every day. NutriChoice Digestive Zero is a perfect addition to our range of ‘power packed’ in- between meal options that will meet the nutrition needs of a diverse set of consumers who seek a healthier way of life.” Nutrichoice Digestive Zero has been made with so much detail, that most people who eat it cannot believe that it tastes so good, while it has been made with zero added sugar and zero maida.

The Nutrichoice portfolio has evolved over the years with unique offerings, catering to diverse segments of the population. Britannia NutriChoice was the first to introduce Hi-Fibre biscuits to the market, the first to introduce multigrain 5 Grain biscuits, the first to introduce diabetic friendly oats biscuits and the first to introduce NutriChoice Heavens, a health biscuit in a delightful chunky cookie format.

Nutrichoice Digestive Zero will be available at Rs 25 for a 100gm pack across all markets and outlets.


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