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Enjoy the Republic Day weekend with Tri Color nuts


Weekend is the time when one wants to enjoy good food and relax in the ambience, it’s even better when it’s a long weekend. This wintry republic day weekend, when it is a little hard to move out of the house, Cornitos brings to its consumers Tri Color nuts, Hot and Spicy Coated Green Peas, Lightly Salted Roasted Cashews and Wasabi Coated Green Peas to enjoy the weather and holidays.

The roasted Coated Green Peas & Nuts are the perfect winter snack that will refresh your palate with an exotic taste. “Wasabi” is a fiery hot Japanese Flavor which unleashes an intense and extremely different experience. Hot & Spicy green peas are spicy in taste and sizzles the taste bud with exotic taste. It is a blend of hot Indian spices & healthy ingredients.

Cornitos Premium Cashews are available in an easy-to-open and resealable stand up pouches of 200g packs. Cornitos new pouch locks in freshness while still delivering the same great taste. Cashews are handpicked and processed through unique roasting technology for a uniform roast and a crunchy bite.

Cornitos Nuts are cholesterol free and zero Trans fat making them heart friendly. Additional health benefits of high protein, fiber and Vitamin E make it suitable for most age-groups.


MRP Roasted Premium Cashews in Lightly Salted Flavour – Rs 375 for 200g
MRP Coated Green Peas in Hot and Spicy Flavour – Rs 110 for 150g
MRP Coated Green Peas in Wasabi Flavour – Rs 110 for 150g

Availability:  It is available at all leading retail outlets

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