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Transforming the Indian health food segment for the better, DesiVDesi launches range of healthy snacks

DesiVDesi, a sustainable technology backed food processing company, launches on the go healthy snacking options  created using the Solar Conduction Dryer, its patented Sustainable food drying technology.The company packages natural nutrient dense,preservatives free, gluten-free vegetable chips and dehydrated fruit chunks, which are sourced & processed by farmers using this technology.

With DesiVDesi, consumers can now eat fruits and vegetables as snacks and not restrict it( Fruits and vegetables )to meals. In addition, as a socially conscious startup, DesiVDesi has become one of the first few enterprises to bringing about a change in the lives of farmers providing them with additional income with the launch of its innovative food products.The product line includes Veggie Chips – Spinach Crisps and Beetroot Chips in the savory segment and Fruit Chunks – Chickoo Chips, Pineapple Chunks, Kokum Amla Candy and Muskmelon Chunks in the tangy and sweet category.

Commenting on the launch, Nidhi Pant Co-Founder DesiVDesi said, “At DesiVDesi, we constantly strive to provide a tasty, healthy, and on the go snacking option in a bid to promote a healthier lifestyle in India. With a mission to revolutionize the snacking space by introducing products that contributes to consumer’s overall health & wellness, all of our products are oil free and are directly processed at farm level. Furthermore, our final products are made completely without oil, i.e. they are not fried, roasted or baked, are 100% natural, rich in vitamins & minerals, and are delicious and tasty to eat.”

“We also create an effective distribution channel, providing market access to enhance income of the farmers, and making a solid social impact in transforming their lives for the better,” she added.

DesiVDesi’s patented Solar Conduction Dryer has been recognized by USAID, FICCI, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UN, Bayer, and other national and international organizations. It is the main aspect behind its range of delicious & healthy snacks, which includes: Kiwi slices, mango strips, beetroot chips, and many more.

With its innovative products, DesiVDesi is attempting to solve 2 pronged problems, viz. – Combating unhealthy snacking patterns among kids and adults with a healthier alternative and empowering farmers to earn better revenue margins.


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