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Blair Triplett, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of BELIEVE


Q) Please throw some light on your partnership with the Indian consultancy ‘Expereal’?

The BELIEVE and Expereal partnership offers the seamless provision of both insight that is grounded in local Indian consumer and shopper truth, combined with the international brand strategy expertise and design capability of BELIEVE Branding. The partnership is solid and well tested, with results that speak for themselves.

Q) How beneficial will be your partnership with Expereal and how it will help in restructuring any brand?

Ultimately the partnership will be measured by results. However, the journey to obtain positibe results, ragerless of the measure, will be via the ability of Expereal and BELIEVE to partner togther to unearth tangible local level insight and translate this into a design stragety to engages both customers and shoppers alike. Whether we are re-launching an existing brand or creating a new brand from scratch, the attention to building the right strategy and executing outstanding design is central to all that we do.

Q) What makes BELIEVE one step ahead of its competitors?

The fact that BELIEVE proactively engages in partnerships with other specialists reflects the fact that one can’t pretend to be a specilaist in every facet of brand delievery. As the saying goes, ‘we play particulary well in the sandpit’ and this combined with the fact that we do not employ juunior staf,f only sees Partner level personnel on each and every Client Engagement. A truly unique approach.

Q) What is your future plans and programmes for the year 2017?

To continue to actively partner with Expereal in delivery world class outcomes for local Indian Clients both on the domestic level, along with bringing internaitonal level expertise to India companies wanting to ‘make the grade’ and export to overseas markets.

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