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Mr. Shish Kharesiya, CEO, Director, and Founder, Bey Bee

MediaInfoline September 6, 2018

Brief Profile:
Shish Kharesiya is the Founder, Director, and CEO of Bey Bee. During his career so far, Kharesiya has been closely associated with organizations like Me N Moms Pvt. Ltd., Videocon Group (PlanetM & TechnoKart Retail Ltd Division) and V Mart Retail Ltd. responsible for business development, zonal marketing, and BTL marketing across India respectively. He has had a long association with PlanetM Retail Ltd. from his graduation years.

Bey Bee is a high quality, non-toxic and paraben free safe baby products, founded in April 2017. The brand is completely committed to safe and healthy baby care and to provide parents with value-added, honest, practical and personalized value-added services.
Items under the umbrella of this brand are Baby Mosquito net, Bassinet Set, BABY ON BOARD, water-based wipes, coconut oil etc.

Q) What are the key USP of the Bey Bee products?

Bey Bee Brand strongly believes and upholds its motto “Making mums Life Easy”. Bey Bee’s unique offering is the intensive and extensive quality checks that are performed on each product before it’s delivered to the customer. Bey Bee uses natural processes and organic ingredients to deliver high quality products. Though making a mom’s life is not easy, however with the use of natural and toxic free contents we wish to do our bit to make it possible! Bey Bee’s Dry Sheet one of the initial products of the brand, is the online market leader and lives up to the robust quality standards we stand for.

Q) Why should consumers purchase Bey Bee products and not the other big brands available in the market?

A lot of customers are not aware that Baby care products use chemicals which are harmful to the sensitive babies. At Bey Bee it is our endeavour at all times to make products that are conducive and safe for babies. We use pure contents in our products. And our strong quality assurance process ensures foolproof reliability and safety of the products. To elucidate this further, we launched our product Dry Sheets in the market and the sales have since then been booming. The main reason for this was the unrivalled quality of the product made with advanced mechanisms. We amazed our customers with the fine and world class quality of it. We received an overwhelming response from our customers. Their countless recommendations for Bey Bee to venture into launching more Baby care products motivated us to move ahead. We have recently launched the Bey Bee 98% Purest water wipes, our very first product in the Bey Bee Toiletries range.

Q) Coming to the quality of products, what are the basic things that you need to keep in mind?

Our philosophy at Bey Bee is to deliver the safest, natural, uncontaminated and chemical free product for babies. To begin with we use organic, toxic free and chemical free constituents in our products. Next our robust and rigorous quality assurance process performed at every stage of the product development i.e. manufacturing or packaging or delivery, conducts multiple checks and audits. Since we take it as our prime responsibility to ensure that only the most secure product is used for babies.

Q) What is your current market size?

Bey Bee Dry sheet is currently the leader in the online market segment. Our customer base has quadrupled in the last year, it has reached 4.5 lac while a year back i.e. in 2017, and we had around a lac of customers. Having such a steep growth in the Baby care Industry is a breathtaking achievement. Out of the present customer base 40% are our loyal customers.

Q) What are your future plans and programs?

Currently Bey Bee products are available on every leading online platform. Our future plans include launch of more products in the Baby Care range which are natural and toxin free. In 2017, 2.5 lac units were sold and now we are targeting 3 times more growth. As of now we are entering into the toiletries and other baby care products range. In future our focus will be on expanding to the offline markets and launching new product ranges.


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