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Branded Content is a growing & evolving part of Media Landscape


Another trending cutting edge, branded content #RayZRMeraSwag directed by Mr. Rakesh Thakar aka Raka (Founder of Battalion Entertainment).

Yamaha Ray ZR is the latest two-wheeler model launched by the company recently. Being a part of the marketing campaign, Sony Music along with Director Raka thus brainstormed and created the branded music video #RayZRMeraSwag, for Yamaha Ray ZR featuring rapper Badshah. The music video comprises of yet another memorable, hummable song which has been composed, as well as sung by Badshah himself. The music video has already broken records over a million views since it went live on YouTube.

Commencing over 3.8 million views on, the video swept the audience attention overnight. Rap phenomenon Badshah, #RayZRMeraSwag – A brand new single by the heart throb rapstar who has also composed and penned down the lyrics of the song himself. The Client being Yamaha have got associated to Sony music to gravitate and create a whole new parameter of creating brand presence. Music being the trending notion among most people helps brand get better penetration and attention.

A little of the man behind the scene is that Mr. Rakesh Thakar aka Raka has always been the Go-to man for visual extravaganzas. He is a forward- thinker who is visually gifted and adept at storytelling. He has been creating several awards winning campaigns during his past tenures in Channel [V], STAR NETWORK, 9X and MTV. After a successful stint as Vice President, OAP, Short Content and Branded Content, MTV, Raka decided to then blaze his own trail by launching Battalion, a creative studio. His repertoire and caliber of work naturally resulted in a new agency getting associated with the biggest names in films and television and subsequently great campaigns, promotions, graphics and titling projects where he has won several awards including ABBY & Promax Awards.

“If you’re not taking the right effort to create a great piece of work or to send the right message across your audience, then you leave the door open to all kinds of endless noise rather than music,” remarked Raka. “Our team works together with clients to ensure that people’s minds are left with the right impression, making the impact memorable, profession, creative and timeless.”

This has just been Raka’s second association with Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, better known by his stage name, rapper Badshah after the successful launch of “Micromax- Singh is Bling” rap. Through recent times, Raka has also been associated with Sony Music for the popular song “Tamil Fever”(another branded content for Sony Headphones) which was then reprinted in “Let’s nacho – The film Kapoor and Sons.”

“Raka is a brilliant director with a very fresh cutting edge vision which he brings to his projects.” Says Richard Mascarenhas, Executive producer – (3osixty90 – a division of Sony Music). “This is our third music video with him as a director and it has been a pleasure working with him as he understand clearly what the brand requires and is an expert on branded content. His creative style and work is at par with a lot of international directors we work with. He is very cool under pressure while taking his job seriously. He is always looking at humor in small things. His cracker one liners during a shoot bring relief at times of panic. I give him complete credit for making us a stunning music video and a glossy TVC for Yamaha.”


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