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Skootr announces India’s biggest managed co-working space in DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon


Amid burgeoning demand for managed offices and co-working solutions, Skootr, India’s leading Co-working Offices Company has signed a lease with DLF Limited, the largest commercial real estate developer in the country to setup India’s largest co-working and managed office space in DLF Cyber City, Gurugram. This new facility will be operational by Q3 of this financial year.

Located in the heart of the commercial hub, the announced project will have an area of 50,000 square feet approximately in Gurgaon at one of the premium office hubs. The space will offer private offices and coworking spaces to various companies across the country. This managed Coworking office Space, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities, will target to meet the wide-ranging demands of an array of businesses including marquee brands, multi-national corporations, small businesses, as well as start-ups. With the acquisition of this location, Skootr has now become one of the largest co-working and managed office solution providers in India.

Making the announcement, Puneet Chandra, CEO, Skootr said, “This expansion has a far greater significance, not merely in terms of the quality and quantum of the “space” but also with regards to the clients as well. We believe that this partnership is going to be most fruitful for companies with relatively small office space requirements, as they’re now going to operate through one of the most premium commercial hubs across the country. We are going to offer a mix of managed private offices and co-working spaces at this place.”

“We are also working to acquire another 100,000 square feet of office spaces at various parts of the country to become one of the leading players in the branded office space Industry”, he added.

Ankit Jain, Co Founder & Chief Acquisition Officer, Skootr added, “For us, it is important to keep growing and keep adding inventory to the business. We have always believed that businesses must never be funding oriented, as the funds sooner or later head towards the most promising business. Acquiring space in DLF Cyber City is undoubtedly a big achievement for us, and now our emphasis is on implementing an aggressive business expansion strategy across the country.”

Skootr further aims to add up to eight to ten locations across major metropolitan regions to its portfolio by the end of 2017. The brand extends essential services to businesses and start-ups, helps in encountering low establishment and operational costs, facilitates agile operations, and eliminates unproductive infrastructural expenditures. This collectively paves the way for an optimal performance of a business or a start-up.


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