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Happiness Ka Shri Ganesh – KhushiyonKa Start Up!


Radio Mirchi has always come up with unique ways of celebrating various festivals around the year. Ganesh Chaturthi is considered to be the advent or start of the year’s festivities. ‘Shri Ganesh’ as a neology is also used to refer auspicious start of things. This year Radio Mirchi intends to focus the aspect of celebration around the festival by bringing happiness in the lives of the listeners in an exceptional way.

Living in a city like Mumbai is not easy. There are several people who struggle throughout the year just to survive with their family. Mirchi has decided to give the most deserving ones a chance to live their dream and dive into their entrepreneurial endeavour with open arms.

A new beginning for strugglers extending from housewives and daughters in Dadar who run small food joints to earn their daily bread to students working part time night shifts to support their educations and their families.  To relieve the agony of the working housewife/daughter and students, Radio Mirchi will offer Óne Seed Fund’ as a gratification for them to step into a brighter future. This is a platform to a happy and a stress free life.

A loud shout out from Radio Mirchi to all Mumbai residents to share the story of their domestic help or any deserving candidate. The end motive is to help the people of the society in need and filled with aspirations for a better tomorrow.

Stay tuned to Radio Mirchi 98.3FM for listening to stories of true living!

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