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RED FM celebrates the best of Bengaluru with RED FM’s Thappa

MediaInfoline July 6, 2018

93.5 RED FM, through its unique RED FM ka Thappa campaign invited votes from all across the city for Bengalureans to vote for their favourite local iconic spots. The people of Bengaluru voted in plenty across categories like – Coffee, Biryani, Buffet, Malls and Ice Cream to pick their favorite outlets. In cities like Mangaluru, Mysuru and Gulburga Red FM ka Thappa is christened Red FM Na Chaapu. This year, Bombay Lucky Restaurant, reigned supreme by bagging the RED FM ka Maha Chaapu stamp of approval for serving the best biryani in all of Karnataka!

The love for biryani that the people of south India have is one that has stood the test of time. Biryani is so integral to the lives of Bengalureans that it is not common to find people frequenting popular biryani outlets that owe its heritage to varied cuisines. From Malabari to Hyderabadi, and from being a lunch affair to even some highway spots serving lip-smacking biryani at only 7 in the morning, the popular dish has found patrons almost everywhere. So much so, that this year the newest category of RED FM ka Thappa (Chaapu)campaign opened up a special Maha Thappa/Chaapu category that recognized people’s interests from all across Karnataka to vote for their favourite biryani. Apart from the winner Bombay Lucky Restaurant (Mangaluru), nominees included eateries known to serve mouth-watering biryani like Nandhana Palace (Bengaluru), Donne Biriyani Mane (Mysore), and Galaxy Restaurant (Gulbarga).

B. Surendar, COO, Red FM network said, “RED FM has always taken pride in being the largest platform for the people of Bengaluru to express themselves. Our interactive property ‘Red FM ka Thappa’ usually enables citizens to vote for their favourite outlets in Bengaluru. Every year the categories are selected basis the places Bengalureans frequent the most. However, this year we decided to make the RED FM ka Thappa campaign even bigger by inviting votes from all across Karnataka through the Maha Thappa/ Chaapu category. There is absolutely no doubt that food binds people together and in Karnataka biriyani tops the preferred food list. We have been overwhelmed by the response received from our listeners from across the state and we shall continue to celebrate the categories our listeners find the best every year”


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