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Shashi Tharoor singing with Viveck Shettyy on FM Rainbow 107.1 FM

MediaInfoline April 25, 2018

FM Rainbow truly raises the temperature for this weekend with the charming and erudite Shashi Tharoor in an exciting conversation with Viveck Shettyy on ‘Celebrating Life’

Shashi Tharoor literally sang his heart out for the very first time on this show and his singing repertoire included an interesting mix of English and Hindi songs, mostly from the 60s and 70s. Viveck Shettyy joined him in his singing feat and both were on a song right throughout the show.

Dr Tharoor dwelled at length on his latest book, “Why I am a Hindu” and offered serious advice to aspiring professional writers and speakers. The show had some hard hitting questions from Viveck Shettyy like “Why is caste and community a criteria in selection of candidates for elections by political parties? Is India really feudalism in disguise of a democracy? ”Viveck Shettyy in his Trademark style manages to get the very best from his guests and Dr. Tharoor was no exception.

Tharoorism was at its eloquent best. The nearly one hour long conversation touched upon every aspect of Dr Tharoor’s life from his writing to speaking to politics and even extended to his personal life. Both of them signed off singing the popular Bollywood number, “ Acha toh hum chalte hai”. This exclusive show is scheduled for broadcast on 27th April at 6 pm only on FM Rainbow 107.1 FM, followed by a repeat broadcast on 28th April at 10 am.


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