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CNN Going Green


This month, CNN International presents the half-hour special ‘Going Green’ exploring the individuals who are passionate about their environmental causes, and their belief that responsibility for the planet begins at home.

Fronted by Nicki Shields, tech presenter and host of CNN International’s ‘Supercharged’, ‘Going Green’ is hosted from Findhorn, the world-renowned eco community in Scotland.

Furthermore, the program presents self-authored reports from across the globe, including Fai Hui, a farmer, lecturer and the figurehead behind one of Hong Kong’s biggest online green networks, Go Green Hong Kong. In Fai Hui’s opinion, rooftop farming is about more than growing fresh food. It’s about reducing food miles and carbon emissions.

Other portrayed environmentalists and their projects will be:

  • Lauren Singer, from Brooklyn, New York, who can store four years’ worth of her rubbish in a jam jar.
  • Emily Smith, who gave up using plastic for 40 days, having seen first-hand the damage plastic wreaks on the oceans. Through her work at London Zoo, Smith remains passionate about marine conservation.
  • Patrik Baboumian, a vegan German-Armenian body builder, who claims to have achieved improved performance ad recovery time since his dietary change.

CNN ‘Going Green’ is sponsored by Kirloskar Proprietary Ltd.

Airtimes: Indian Standard Time 

Friday July 8 at 1500 and 2100

Saturday July 9 at 1900

Sunday July 10 at 0600


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